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Friday, 16 December 2011

10 Quick Tips To Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

# 1 – Venue
Start your quest to plan an eco-friendly wedding by selecting a venue that is LEED-certified, practices sustainability, and doesn’t need a lot of extra décor. A site that is centrally located for your guests, where the ceremony and reception can be held in the same place, is also a plus.

#2 – Food & Beverage
When it comes to being green, you can’t go wrong with options that are seasonal, local, organic and fair trade compliant.

(Courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase)

#3 – Flowers
Florals that are locally grown and in-season are the most environmentally friendly, as are organic and fair trade flowers. During the wedding, you can reuse your flowers for both the ceremony and reception, and afterward, you can donate them or give them away to be sure they get as much use as possible.

#4/5 – Candles & Lighting
Candles made from soy or beeswax are the most eco-friendly, and using LED-powered or energy-efficient lighting is another great way to be less wasteful.

#6 – Invitations
Many couples are skipping paper save-the-date cards in favor of electronic messages and notifications. When it comes to invites, postcard response cards, plus the use of recycled paper and embedded seeds, are fantastic ways to maintain a classic vibe while also helping the environment. Even something as simple as encouraging guests to recycle the invites themselves can have a positive impact!

#7 – Guest Favors
When choosing favors, think about whether your guests will truly find them useful and reusable. Get stuck? Edible favors that are locally made are always a plus, as are items that are recyclable and come in eco-friendly packaging.

#8 – Gifts From Guests
Though you can’t always control what you receive, registering for donations to a favorite charity, or for honeymoon experiences, are great ways to help guests give you something that is useful and non-wasteful. Two of my own favorite sites for this purpose are Honeyfund and Just Give.org.

#9 – Attire & Jewelry
Go vintage, seek out eco-friendly fabrics , and choose jewelry made from repurposed metals.

(Courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase)

#10 – Waste Disposal
Work with your venue to compost or donate leftover wedding items, including flowers and food, while also trying to reduce the amount of waste produced during your event.  Of course, reusing and recycling are always key!

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