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Monday, 2 January 2012

Take These Eco-friendly New Year Resolutions

1. Buy Less Bottled Water
Plastic has spread all over the globe and marine pollution is now 60 to 80% plastic! Bottled water comprises a large portion of all plastic produced and consumed.  In 2012, reduce plastic consumption by purchasing resuseable water bottles and other food and beverage containers. 
Recycling tips: Help the recycling process by de-caping bottles prior to recycling so bottle caps won’t get stuck in the machines that melt plastic. Also, make sure to cut plastic rings before throwing them out so that animals won’t get caught in them!

2. Use Reuseable Shopping Bags
Americans use 1 billion shopping bags every year and only 1-2% are recycled. Sunlight breaks down plastics to smaller pieces that contaminate soil and water. Bring your own bags to grocery stores, the mall, and anywhere you shop!
You can also re-use old plastic bags that you have accumulated from previous shopping trips. Several reuseable bags can prevent up to 700 bags from ending up in the ocean or in a landfill. Take our plastic bag ban pledge, here
Check out our reuseable water bottles and totes!

3.  Eat Sustainable Seafood
Seafood is in limited supply due to over fishing: 75% of the world’s fish stocks are fished faster than they can reproduce and 80% of the world’s fish are fully exploited or in decline.
We can help by eating sustainable seafood: Seafood is considered sustainable when it is caught by a fishery that does not overfish and catches only enough fish to meet present needs.
A sustainable fishery also uses fishing techniques that do not harm the marine environment. Download our Sustainable Seafood and Sustainable Sushi Seafood  guides!

4. Drive less

Air pollution contributes to water pollution which contaminates our drinking water and destroys marine habitat. You can help the planet and your own health by walking, biking, or skateboardng to get around. Take a break from your car and carpool or use public transportation… be creative with the kinds of transportation you use! :)

5. Clean the Beach!
Participate in beach clean-ups, pick up trash off the street, and don’t litter!! Everything that does not make it to a landfill ends up in the ocean. Marine pollution kills marine life and releases toxins that end up in our food! YUCK!

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