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Monday, 26 March 2012

Eco-friendly Ways to Use Your Mobile

Everybody has a mobile phone (or two) and mobiles are slowly becoming a huge source of pollution. Still, we are so used to them that throwing them out of our daily life is out of question. However, the fact that we use mobiles all the time doesn’t mean we can’t do it in an eco-friendly manner. Here are some eco-friendly ways to use your mobile phone to contribute for a cleaner environment.
Go SIM-Only
Obviously, if you have one mobile device less, you are doing the planet a service. With the standard mobile contract you get not only minutes and texts, but also a subsidized mobile device. Very often you don’t need this device because you already have a device on your own or simply don’t like the device that comes with the contract but you take it nevertheless.
This is what standard contracts are. With SIM-only contracts you get only a SIM card to insert into your mobile device. SIM-only is much cheaper and more eco-friendly. This is why you should always look at SIM-only offers first and only if there isn’t an offer suitable for you (which is kind of unlikely, having in mind how many SIM-only offers there are), look for a standard contract.
Learn How to Preserve the Life of Your Battery
The battery of a mobile is a huge pollutant. This is why the fewer batteries disposed of, the better. If you know how to properly recharge your battery to prolong its life, you might never have to replace it. Depending on the type of the battery, the rules vary but for the most common types of batteries, the rule is to wait till the battery is fully discharged and then to recharge it rather than recharge it even if it is half-full.
Get a Green Phone
Another major contribution you can make to the environment is to get a green phone. A green phone is a phone that uses less energy and the parts of which are 100% recyclable. Many modern phones fall into this group but still it won’t hurt to check carefully before you buy the phone.
Consider a Second Hand Phone
All mobile phone maniacs will certainly frown at this tip but if you care about the environment, this is also a good contribution to make. A second hand phone that is still working is a good choice especially as a secondary mobile device. If you are reluctant to buy a second hand phone just for using it as a secondary device, you can use for the purpose your old phone, or a phone a friend/family member has been using but doesn’t need anymore.
Explore Mobile Phone Recycling Options
Mobile phone recycling is becoming an industry of its own and it won’t be hard to find a company that accepts used mobile phones to recycle. Sometimes when you return your old phone you will be given a new one for free or at a substantial discount, so in addition to the eco-friendliness of your action, you will be compensated monetarily as well.
Use a Solar Charger
Solar chargers are another option to consider. You can use a solar charger not only for your mobile but for your laptop as well. Well, the prices of powerful solar chargers aren’t cheap but this is an investment that pays off.
Use Power Saving Mode
This last tip might not lead to huge eco-friendly results because a mobile doesn’t consume much power, especially in comparison to household appliances or even computers but since tiny steps also count, you should think of ways to use less power. One common approach is to decrease the brightness of the screen. You can also use power-saving applications that help you to reduce your power consumption.

Saving the planet takes an effort from all of us. Use your mobile in an eco-friendly way and give your contribution, no matter if it seems small to you or not.

(Source:  TheEnvironmentalBlog.org)

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