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Monday, 21 May 2012

How to: Recycle a cardboard box into a DIY earring holder

Are your earrings tangled in a mess on your bureau or scattered about your bathroom cabinet? If you have twenty minutes and a few simple household items on hand, you can quickly and easily craft yourself a mod earring holder from a recycled cardboard box in only eight simple steps! By choosing your favorite colors and materials, you can add a funky accent to your closet or match your new earring holder to your bathroom decor.

Step One: Gather your materials
You will need:
A lid from a sturdy cardboard shoebox or similar box
A stapler
String, yarn, lace, ribbon or embroidery thread in assorted colors
Double-sided tape
Fabric large enough to cover the cardboard box lid (you can also use fabric cut from a used shirt, sheet, or scarf here!)
A needle and thread
Measuring tape or a ruler
Assorted buttons or large beads

Step Two: Prep cardboard lid
Make sure the cardboard lid you chose is well-glued and sturdy. We used packing tape to reinforce the corners and inside edges to make sure no part could come loose.

Step Three: Measure and cut your fabric
Measure the length and width of your lid and add a couple inches to each side to ensure that you have enough fabric to fold underneath the rim of the box lid. Cut your fabric and iron it smooth, since this part will make up the front of your earring holder.

Step Four: Position your fabric
Place a few pieces of double-sided tape on the top side of your lid and position the fabric evenly, pressing down in the center of the lid to stick the fabric on. Carefully flip the box over and make sure the fabric is even.

Step Five: Attach the fabric to the lid
Apply a small bead of glue all around the inside rim of the lid. Carefully and neatly fold one edge of the fabric at a time over the edge of the box lid and staple it on. When the glue dries, this will also ensure the fabric is attached firmly.

Step Six: Choose contrasting colors of fabric or yarn
We used yarn in our earring holder, but you could also use string, ribbon, or lace. Cut out several feet of each color and begin wrapping it firmly around your lid, knotting it tightly in the back. Criss-cross several colors or even several different materials – mix lace and yarn – around your new earring holder. Each horizontal loop will provide a space for earring hooks.

Step Seven: Add buttons
Choose several contrasting buttons or beads. Using your needle and thread, carefully attach the buttons at the junctions of your yarn or ribbon. This is decorative but also anchors the string tightly to the lid and the fabric, creating a stronger area to hang heavier earrings.

Step Eight: Hang your new earring holder
You can place two thumbtacks into the wall and simply hang the lid directly. You can also staple a length of string or ribbon to the top edge of your new jewelry hanger as shown in order to hang it from a hook.

(Source: http://inhabitat.com)

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