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Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Dung Bettle is full of it!

We came across a very interesting article yesterday in The Green Ogre. It's about the mighty Dung Beetle. They feed partly or exclusively on faeces. The Green Ogre takes an amusing approach while talking of this species. Here are some snippets of their blog post:

For the dung beetle, crap doesn't just happen. It's very happening!

Nature works in cycles. What is created must be consumed, only to be created again. What arrives must leave only to return. What rises must ebb, only to rise again. 

The Dung Beetle we encountered at Agumbe is nature’s waste management agency. It plays a role similar to that of vultures in cleaning up rotting flesh. The Dung Beetle’s role, though it may seem unpleasant to us, is a significant one and may have been the reason why the Scarab figured prominently in ancient Egyptian lore. Whether the dung comes from an elephant, gaur or domesticated cattle, the Beetles work fervently to break it down. While the dung of omnivores does show up on the menu of a Dung Beetle Bistro, the creature's preference is for herbivore dung.

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