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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Be An Eco-friendly Shopper!

Going shopping? Then shop for greener stuff. This is how you can shop in an eco-friendly way!
  • Reduce the amount of packaging you buy, reuse what you can, and recycle the rest.
  • Look for products without packaging - tools, fresh produce, dry goods.
  • Avoid individually wrapped portions (cheese slices, juice, etc.).
  • Favor products with a high recycled content, even if they cost a little more.
  • Choose concentrated products in reusable containers, and largest size containers.
  • Buy in bulk. Sometimes you can take your own plastic or other containers to the store to be filled directly with bulk goods.
  • Buy frozen foods in plastic bags rather than boxes. A 28-oz. bag of frozen corn is 59% less expensive and results in 98% less waste than buying the equivalent weight in single-serving 4.5 oz. boxes.
  • When purchasing just one or two items, tell the clerk, "I don't need a bag, thanks."
  • Choose rechargeable batteries and long-life bulbs.
  • Avoid disposable razors, pens, pencils and lighters.
  • Choose long-lasting metal or wood toys rather than plastic.
  • Buy recycled paper bathroom tissue, napkins and kitchen towels.
  • Take your own mug or thermos to the coffee shop. Some shops will offer a discounted price when you provide your own container.
  • Avoid pump toothpaste - it is over-packaged and includes excess plastic.
  • Use your own reusable canvas or string bags when shopping.
  • If you do opt for paper or plastic grocery bags, take them back to the store to be recycled.
  • Buy quality products and keep them for a lifetime.

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