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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

earthain awards 2011-12 - Winning Schools

Here are the names of the schools who won the 'earthian Award 2011-12'

Top 5 Winning Schools

  • Anubhuti School, Jalgaon - Ms  Aarohi Jain, Ms  Aishwarya patil, Ms  Deveshi Chawda, Ms  Prerana Chandak, Ms  Vedanti Patil, Ms  Ritika Sarda, Mr. Rishab Bafna, Mr. Siddharth Jirati, Mr. Alok Kumar Bnasal (faculty) - Presented a Paper titled “Our Homes”
  • Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore - Ms. Rema Kumar (faculty), Mr. Aditya Ramesh, Ms. Bhavani Sitaram, Ms. Malvika Madhu, Mr. Vineet Gopakumar - presented a paper “From the Farm to the Table -Why should we bother about Agriculture?”
  • Kendriya Vigyalaya,Vigyan Vihar, Delhi - Ms. Roli, Ms. Chetali, Mrs. Meenu Wadhwa (faculty), Ms. Sonali, Ms. Parul, Ms. Harshada - presented a paper on, “Conceptualization and Implementation of Zero Solid Waste Management Strategy”
  • Sri Kumaran Children's Home, Bangalore - Ms. Harshita V, Ms. Shwetha G, Ms. Darshini R, Mr. Ananth A, Mr. Ruchira R, Mrs.Jayanthi Sridhar (faculty) - presented a paper titled “ One Small Step”

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