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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How can you Prevent Pollution

The least you could do

prevent Sound pollutionTurn off Sound pollution
  1. Keep the volume of your T.V., music system low.
  2. Honk the car horn sparingly.
  3. Discourage use of loudspeakers.
  4. Avoid the use of band, crackers in wedding processions.
  5. Get all to practise laws regarding Sound pollution.
prevent Air pollution Vaporise Air pollution
  1. Keep smoke emission from homes, factories, vehicles to minimum.
  2. Avoid use of firecrackers.
  3. Dispose garbage in bins, do not bum it.
  4. Use spittoons or flowing drains for spitting.
  5. Get all to practise laws regarding Air pollution.
prevent Water pollutionPurify Water pollution
  1. Never dump garbage near communal taps, wells and other water bodies.
  2. Do not tinker with public water pipes.
  3. Immerse holy idols in authorised places.
  4. Get all to practise laws regarding Water pollution.
prevent waste pollutionDispose off Chemical pollution
  1. Prefer organic manure to chemical fertilizers, paper to polythene, cotton, jute to polyester.
  2. Dispose polythene bags through proper channel.
  3. Plant more trees and vegetation.
  4. Get all to practise laws regarding Chemical pollution.
(Source: paryavaranmitra)

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