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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Drive In An Eoc-Friendly way

Avoid unnecessary idling

- Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more CO2 compared to restarting your engine.

. Service your vehicle regularly

- Change the air filter, spark plugs, engine oil and other fluids, as outlined in the owners manual, to ensure you get optimum performance and fuel efficiency;

. Measure your tire pressure at least once a month

- For every 28 kilopascals (4 psi) of under-inflation, fuel use increases by about two per cent;

. Lighten Your Load

- Roof and ski racks, and heavy items in your trunk, decrease your vehicle's aerodynamics and add weight causing your vehicle to burn more fuel;

. Track your fuel consumption

- Driving with fuel economy in mind, or eco-driving, can increase the distance you travel with every tank;

. Give yourself extra time

- This will help you to cut down on fuel consumption due to overspeeding

. Use public transit or active transportation

- Use public transit or active transportation wherever possible -Activities like taking the bus, walking, or biking will have an immediate impact on your fuel consumption. Source: Natural Resources Canada, vehicles.gc.ca.

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